MdiContainer and its Active State

Apr 5, 2011 at 12:22 PM


I have a MDI container that contains MdiChild , I also fire multiple MDIContainer. Situation is I have 2 Mdi Containers on two monitors, I then bring my explorer or any other program in the front which makes one Mdi Container to go in the background, however I still have another Mdi Container in foreground on the other Monitor. Now if I select this MdiContainer, it brings the other Mdi Container in foreground as well. I do not want the other mdiContainer on the other window to come to focus when I only selected the mdiContainer on the other monitor.

I have tested the IsActive property of the window and it is true for both the MdiContainer irrespective of whether one is behind explorer or any other program(i.e short of hidden) or it is in focus(i.e. in foreground and visible).

Does anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix this.